Dave started photography with a borrowed 35 millimeter film camera in 1983 in Yosemite National Park while backpacking through the Serra Mountains where Ansel Adams and John Muir trekked.  Dave tried to document the beauty of the mountains that he was hiking in.  He continued to photograph his experiences and travels until he retired in 1999.  As he and his wife, Carol, traveled around the United States, he documented their travels and realized that the quality of his images was not very good.

      In 2001 he took his first photographic workshop in the Shenandoah Mountains of Virginia and became hooked on trying to produce quality images.  Dave has been a semi professional photographer since 2003.  He has had images published and has sold many images through galleries and shows in the northeast and by word of mouth.   Dave has participated in, assisted with and taught photographic workshops both locally and throughout the US.

      During their travels throughout the US, he and his wife have covered 49 of the fifty states.  Dave has photographed in many of our National Parks, State Parks and scenic sites throughout the US.  While most of his work is done in New Hampshire and Maine, he also loves southern Utah and northern Arizona.   He continues to peruse other areas of this country that he has not yet had the opportunity to photograph.  There is historic and natural beauty everywhere and he will continue to try to capture those images that tell the story of that history and beauty.

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